Giesse offers for single and double sash windows a complete burglar-proof closing system with SKG** certification issued by IKOB SKG (Netherlands).
The use of premium materials (such as microcast steel) is essential for strengthening the components and connection devices and ensures the closing system is designed to withstand attempted burglaries and direct attacks.

Technical Features
As it is a system which requires locking points on all sides, the tilt-and-turn arms must be used to allow the application of burglar-proof fastening mechanisms to the hinge side.
The SKG** system consists of:

  • Mechanism – SKG** Cremone with key
  • SKG** Side-Hung mechanism
  • Arms and TILT-AND-TURN hinges – CHIC or FUTURA
  • SKG** Burglar-proof fastening mechanism components

The combination of these components in line with variations in the sash dimensions ensures that the Giesse closing system is strong enough to be defined as burglar-proof, with RC2 classification in accordance with EN1627.
System certification in accordance with EN1627, however, corresponds to the whole casement: hardware, profile, glass, wall fixings, etc.

The rods used with the SKG certified closing system must be made using Aluminium.