Giesse SKG** rated security components

For RC2 window certification

For RC2 window certification.

SchlegelGiesse presents its new SKG** rated security components for inward opening aluminium windows with one or two sashes. The components are specifically designed for manufacturers intending to subject their windows to rigorous burglar-proofing tests, in order to obtain RC2 certification for the product. SKG** classification is issued by SKG-IKOB, the only accredited laboratory in Europe certifying the burglar-proof properties of products with its own security rating.

When used in conjunction with profiles and glass with a suitable burglar-proofing grade, Giesse SKG** rated components allow the window to undergo testing and obtain RC2 certification, the burglar-proofing category most suited to windows installed in residential and commercial environments.

The range of Giesse SKG** burglar-proof components is a combination of various elements: a mechanism for sashes or tilt-and-turn windows, and a cremone with key and burglar-proof fastening mechanism points.

In the SKG** tilt-and-turn mechanism, which is derived from the standard model, the connecting elements have been reinforced in order to pass burglar-proofing tests and obtain RC2 classification. The SKG** mechanism for tilt-and-turn windows can be used in conjunction with C.H.I.C. or FUTURA concealed hinges.

The mechanism connects to the burglar-proof fastening mechanism point consisting of a striker and a mushroom pawl in stainless steel, the geometry of which prevents break-ins from the outside using a screwdriver.

The setup is finished with a burglar-proofing kit consisting of 4 shims which, when applied to the window frame, reduce the sideways shift of the window in relation to the frame, for perfect protection from the outside.

The choice of mechanism was fundamental in this hardware assembly: the Giesse brand offers Asia Key and Prima Key cremones with SKG*** certified keys in various finishes, for a perfect colour combination. Part of these components can also be used to create side-hung windows, underlining the modular concept that has always characterised Giesse hardware for aluminium windows.