C.H.I.C. 100 and C.H.I.C. 130 concealed hinges

The range of concealed hardware for sash and tilt-and-turn windows.

The aluminium casement sector is evolving towards an aesthetically and technologically advanced window with ultra-slim profiles and concealed hardware. The fact that the dimensions of sash and frame profiles can be reduced to the bare minimum signals a move towards a more modern, architecturally innovative aesthetic, but it also means more daylight and improved thermal performance, thanks to the wider expanse of glass occupying the same size of sash.

Giesse decided to follow this trend and in 2016 launched C.H.I.C., its first concealed hardware line with 180° opening, thanks to which it is possible to create a new type of window, featuring a frontal section with an ultra-slim profile and total concealment of the hinges within the profile. In 2018, Giesse decided to expand its range of concealed hardware by adding a version with a maximum load capacity of 130 kg, to meet a wider number of construction requirements. C.H.I.C. 130 is not very different from the 100 kg version: there are no additional components, but a new set of codes to avoid excluding one of the main features that Giesse has always demanded from its hardware: quick and easy assembly.

C.H.I.C. 100/130 is the concealed hinge system for windows designed to open through 180°, offering a maximum load capacity of 100 kg or 130 kg, quick and simple assembly, 3D hinge adjustment (sash height, width and compression, even with the fixture already installed) and optimisation of the parts inventory, given that there are no finishes to manage.

C.H.I.C. was not developed exclusively for tilt-and turn windows in prestige buildings; it is designed for all situations that require the installation of tilt-and-turn windows, combining a modern design with quick, simple assembly and the possibility of opening the sash through 180°.

C.H.I.C. can be used with the majority of inward opening systems on the market. With C.H.I.C. tilt-and-turn accessories, the opening sequences (Standard or Logic) can be changed without replacing any components.

Giesse - C.H.I.C. 100/130 and NP Supra - Towards a new generation of windows - EN