Giesse Celera

SchlegelGiesse is pleased to present its new clamp hinge for doors

SchlegelGiesse is pleased to present its new clamp hinge for doors, a perfect combination of reliability and quick assembly.

To update its range of hardware for doors, SchlegelGiesse has devised a hinge that allows manufacturers to quickly install a door using easily available tools. Celera is supplied with a pre-assembled fixing plate that ensures quick installation during door positioning, without any additional machining. It is also possible to apply an additional hinge even after installation, for example in the centre of the casement, without having to dismantle the sash.

Celera clamp hinge for doors can be adjusted laterally (± 1 mm) with the door installed.  The innovative design means that standard tools can be used to carry out this operation, so all the necessary adjustments can be performed using nothing but a simple Allen wrench. This ability to easily adjust the mechanism ensures that the side position is maintained over time, even at the maximum permitted load capacity. A washer integrated into the pin guarantees greater resistance against burglary.

The hinge is CE marked according to EN1935 and allows the construction of doors with a maximum load capacity of 100 kg with two hinges, or 120 kg with three hinges. Celera is suitable for doors subject to intensive use, being highly resistant to wear and tear.

The range comprises different versions to fit all the most important channel profiles on the market. The materials with which Celera are produced are all characterised by high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance: the hinge body is in extruded aluminium; the pin, screws, grub screws and fixing plates are made of stainless steel; and the plug, bushing and washer are made of acetyl resin.

Celera was designed to be a top-of-the-range hinge in its category in terms of reliability, technological innovations and competitiveness.