Handles Collection brochure

Style lines for coordinated design

A single style for all handles

Check the brochure to discover the handles collection by Giesse. A coordinated design for every opening of the building.

The handles collection include:

  • ASIA: complete lines with a modern style.
  • KORA: complete lines with a unique style.
  • PRIMA and UNICA: complete lines with a timeless style.

Check Reguitti for an even greater choice of handle styles.

A wide range of finishes

In addition to all the standard and special finishes, the exclusive Trend BE Nicklesat and Trend BE Cromosat high corrosion-resistance (EN1670 grade 5) finishes are also available.


Antigerm is the ideal solution to make handles antibacterial. For houses and every public place where hygiene is critical, like schools, hospitals and labs.

Environmental protection

All products from the handle collection are treated and coated using only thermosetting non-toxic powder paints, in compliance with environmental regulations.